The firm works primarily in the following areas :

  • Commercial law
  • Transport law
  • Driving laws
  • Distribution law
  • Company law, collective proceedings
  • Contract law and contractual liability
  • Debt collection
  • Recognition of foreign rulings, exequatur, European Enforcement Order, European Payment Order
  • Civil law: family affairs, married couples, unmarried couples, estates, real estate, construction, tort law, compensation for personal injury, insurance
  • Employment law, expatriation
  • Criminal law: Contravention (equivalent to Misdemeanor or Summary proceedings) and correctional.

Services to businesses and individuals :

  • Advice for entrepreneurs
  • Consultations for individuals
  • Drawing up civil and commercial contracts, general terms and conditions of sale
  • Negotiations
  • Real-estate acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Expert industry assistance
  • Transactions, agreement protocols
  • Choice of strategy in agreement with the client
  • Litigation and representation before all courts including :
    • Commercial Courts
    • District and Local Courts
    • Police Courts
    • High Courts, Family Court judges, Juvenile Court judges, Enforcement Judge
    • Correctional Courts
    • Industrial Tribunals
    • Administrative Tribunals
    • Courts of Appeal