A tailored response for all the requirements of transport and insurance companies both in matters of litigation and advice.

The firm has extensive experience in the recovery of freight invoices, direct action, transporter liability, freight forwarders, national transport and CMR haulage transport.

The firm particularly advises those transporters operating freight within the European Union, to or from France, cabotage, or those who face French transport regulations through road-side controls on French roads.

The firm is also responsible for providing you with all advice on legislation and regulations in force in France, and to guide you in all legal aspects of your projects in France through, among other things, the creation of a company structure, drawing up commercial contracts and general terms and conditions of sale or obtaining a transport license.

Maître François Nicolas WOJCIKIEWICZ contributes to the CMR data base of the International Transport Law Institute (I.D.I.T.) where he is a member.



Le cabotage a de beaux jours devant lui. FLASH TRANSPORT 31.10.2014